How did we choose the name, Drumlin Farm?

Every enterprise needs a brand and a good name. Being avid learners, Sue and I scoured the farm and the internet for ideas. We wanted a name that was memorable, short, sounded good and that meant something. We think the name is great!

What is a Drumlin?

Definition: An elongate hill, streamlined in the direction of ice flow and composed largely of glacial deposits

A drumlin is a small hill, tending towards an egg shape, with its steepest slopes and summit at the up-ice end. Drumlins rarely occur singly, however, and are found in groups or swarms, with the tapered end of each hill pointing in the direction of glacier flow. Together the drumlins give a streamlined, undulating terrain, with intervening boggy depressions which have been termed basket of eggs topography. Drumlin swarms occur within major end moraine systems and so the drumlin is a subglacial feature. (http://www.landforms.eu/Lothian/drumlin.htm)